Meat Preparation

Onsite Butcher

If you need customized cuts of meat, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can Omaha Beef Company take care of supplying and distributing fresh wholesale meats, but we can also take care of cutting them for you right here! This is especially convenient for banquet hall and country club staffs who are putting on an event.

HAACP Certified and USDA Inspected Facility Inspection Plant # 2769

You can always rest easy when having Omaha Beef Company supply, handle, and cut meats. We always adhere to the very highest safety and processing standards. Our inspection plant is certified by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) and passed an inspection performed by the United States Department of Agriculture. With Omaha Beef Company, you can always expect quality, and properly handled and inspected cuts of meat.

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